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May 26, 2020

Vitality. The word popped into my mind the other day. Vitality. What does it mean? I had an idea we come.

Vitality- the state of being strong and active; energy.The power giving continuance of life, present in all living things. Synonyms being: LIFE,ENERGY,SPIRIT,PASSION,ZEST.”

I like it, that word.It breathes out what I long to live.

Recently I was a part of a virtual live event. The speaker, Dani Johnson, sent swords flying into my carefully guarded mind in more ways than one.But, one word stuck with me through the three day sessions...and that was “Excitement”. Dani brought the word out in many of her sessions. And it grabbed me. Am I excited about life? Why am I or am I not? In my case life had got me. I was stale. I was stagnant. Lonely. Boring. Self-absorbed. And that word...could I dare think of that word? Excitement? Could I get free from the chains that were holding me captive? With God and humility, I knew I could. Would I?

The last few mornings I awoke with sunshine pouring in my windows. Everything breathed Vitality-Excitement. The light in the sky. The green of the grass. The bright choral colors of my geraniums. The wren building her nest and laying her three precious eggs.My tomatoes blooming in my small garden. The wind rustling through the green branches. And even myself, with my growing belly and the little life pushing my ribs with his toes.

Where was I in the midst of all this Vitality?

A question “what gets me out of bed each day?” has been haunting me for sometime. Do I drag my feet and wish to cover the light of the morning and go back to sleep? OR... Is it Vitality? Is it the excitement to be alive? Is it the little adventures the day will bring forth? Is it the joy of a hot brewed coffee? Is it the joy of serving my husband? Homemaking? Doing all things my Creator God designed me to be?

Vitality.I like that word. It breathes excitement. It breathes hope.

I can and I will take on Vitality. It all begins with a mind change. Renounce that depression. Renounce that loneliness. I choose to take this all to the cross. I believe in my Abba Daddy God, the sovereign Creator who gives Vitality. I take the Promise in 1 Timothy 4:18, “For God hath not given us the spirit of Fear but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.” Yes, some days you must feel that loneliness, cry those tears of pain of whatever you are going through, but then let them go. Let the Father God reach out His hand of love and gather those tears for you. Let the Father God reach out His hand of love and touch your bosom, your heart with His healing touch of care and love. Allow His face to breath on Yours- Vitality.

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Katrina is a wife and mom to a new-born son. She's passionate about people and relationships, & loves cooking, cleaning, decorating, gardening, and photography. She also enjoys a good read, quality time with family and friends, or anything creative and artsy and shares her inspirations and photography on her blog.

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