About Me

Hello! I am Katrina Schlabach as I am sure you have  found out by now.😅 What shall I say, Hmm, what more do you want to know! Lol.

Well I am just an ordinary girl, a wife and now a mom to a healthy little man. 

Ten things about me.

1. I love hot drinks...whether its coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate or a hot cranberry citrus.

2. I am a relationship person. Not worried about making money, more worried about relationships. Which may or may not be of marital contention!😅

3.I love home-making. Favorite way of de-stressing is cooking in the kitchen!

4.My all-time dream is to start my own coffee shop!

5.I was a school teacher for 8 years. And loved it!

6.I had a small name-less photography business for several years. So yes, I love taking no-pressure, candid pictures. 

7.I grew up in a family of 6 girls and one boy!

8.I always loved fall and winter growing up in Northern Pa and Western NY. But I love Summer in Texas!

9.I have many books. I call them my friends.

10.My Husband, is 7 years younger than me.😉

Well, there is a little window. I am sure you will find out more just reading my content and exploring the pictures I take. My number one Goal is to keep Jesus as my number one, Best Friend. And to keep growing in Personal Development. 

God Bless you friend,

- Katrina

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i Live Near:

Mabank, Texas